Bubble wrap

All the bubble wrap we supply is manufactured in the UK to the highest of standards and is packed in heavy duty polythene bags to ensure it arrives in pristine condition.

The Small Bubble comes on 100 metre rolls and in widths of 300mm / 500mm / 600mm / 750mm / 1000mm / 1200mm / 1500mm.

The Large Bubble comes on 50 metre rolls and in the same widths as the Small Bubble.

NEW – We can now offer our Eco Friendly Degradable Small Bubble, green by colour, green by nature, reducing landfill and helping the environment.

It comes in exactly the same widths and lengths as the conventional clear bubble.

Our bubble wrap is Oxo biodegradable manufactured from 100% virgin low density polyethylene with no additives. It is non-hazardous, colourless and odourless. It can be re used and recycled .

We are in discussions with polythene suppliers to make a bio degradable bubblewrap soon .

bubble wrap bubble wrap roll